Tuesday, 24 May 2016

[Challenge] Post 1: About Flying.

I don’t remember when it started, but lately, I kinda felt scare whenever I needed to fly. I did not have any bad experience by far (knock on the wood), only sort of mild turbulence just like many flights would experience. My very first flight was looonnggggg time ago when I was still a high school student and had no clue at all about what it felt inside the plane and what could go wrong during your flight *what a stupid naive girl :)))*  It was a long haul flight from Jakarta to Frankfurt *oh, I miss that time* with a whole bunch of friends in a mission to introduce angklung to the European. I had no clear memory at all about how was the flight back then, one thing for sure we had to stop in Middle East *and of course people there thought that I and few of my friends were domestic workers who’re ready to work there :)))*

In my bachelor time I learned from a friend who’s doing aerospace engineering that people should not feel afraid to fly because statistic always shows that the number of people who die because of car accident is wayyyy more than those who die because of plane crash. Ok, fair enough. Since then, I’ve been trying to hypnotize myself and put that kind of doctrine that flying is a pretty much safe business. Aviation industry is getting better and the technology keeps on improving. Yeah.

But, the thing is, the older I am, the more I read/hear anything horrible about flying. Whenever you read  non-fiction books about pilot error, they write about the Tenerife Airport disaster, one of the deadliest plane disaster ever. It occurred to PanAm Air and KLM (which had a good reputation for safety and punctuality, plus, the pilot at that moment was one of the most senior pilot with tons of experience. See? Human is not immune of irrational behaviour, does not matter how experienced he is). Two planes collided, not in the air but on the runway. Other example is about the seniority between co-pilot and pilot/captain. Whenever co-pilots see something wrong or sense the error done by the captain, they don’t really dare to challenge the pilot. Some pilot and co-pilot could be buddy and they are so familiar with each other. Communication becomes so good and seniority is not  a problem, but that familiarity makes them underestimate little details, ignore them and lead to an accident. And there are still tons and tons of other example. Don’t forget the fact that terrorist could just hi-jack the plane or some separatist just launch some bombs and explode one plane. Horrible.

Back to the statistic, ok, I believe that the number of the people killed because of car accident is way more than those who killed by plane accident. Any people, even without driving license and proper driving skill could just sit behind the wheel and start pushing the accelerator. Unlike plane, you have to be a pilot with tons of training before you can fly commercial plane. But, I mean BUT, we rarely hear about car accidents that happen outside our country. We only hear some, yes, SOME of car accidents that occur inside our country from local news. Why I said some? Because if the accidents were not the extraordinary one (e.g involving kids underage [whose the father is an arrogant rockstar] who killed many people *cough*), local news would not even air it.  So, even though the numbers of people killed by car accidents are very high, the exposure to that type of news is low. Maybe by the time I type it, some just killed in high road in America or accident just occurred in Autobahn. Who knew, rite? But once there is commercial-plane accident, all news portals will talk about it, even for minor accident with no death toll. And once the accident killed many people, the news will last forever, people start talking about it, your social media timeline full of horrible story. You really can't escape. Just like now, couple minutes ago, I read about Lufthansa that had to deviate from its destination because one of passenger (who had mental problem) wanted to open the door because he wanted to...smoke *face palm* Everybody’s fine, the pilot was so good, it just caused 3-hour-delay, but still, the news spread, rite?

I don’t want this fear grows and consumes me, then prevents me from traveling. There are so many places on earth I haven’t seen yet. I still want to fly here and there, the only thing I could tell myself that thing could always go wrong and endanger us inside or outside the plane.  If something meant to happen, it’s just happen.
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Thursday, 19 May 2016

[Challenge] Embracing My Next-to-Nothing English Writing Skill

I am fully aware that my English writing skill is just like Alderaan, never exist. Don't ask me how I survived my master time when I had to deal with individual writing assignment (those involving climate change and policy, I hated it), and also report writing of my thesis and internship. The good thing about writing is no nervousness and it's possible to always delete any word whenever I need to. On the other hand, my speaking skill is not bad (at least from my point of view), but I get nervous easily. Whenever I speak with person whom I don't feel comfortable with, my confidence plummets and my mind goes blank so I completely look like a dumb. 

So, on behalf of embracing my next-to-nothing English writing skill, I just want to give a try (sort of a challenge I guess? ) to post something in English. Nothing fancy, it's just going to be a trivial-day-to-day topic, so please bury your wish if you expect me to talk about global crisis or national sovereignty. I'll make 30 post for the challenge and it won't be on day-to-day basis, just anytime when I feel like I want to. I am just hoping that I won't complete this challenge till next year *yawn*

If you happen to stumble upon my post *ohhh...poor you :))))*, go ahead criticize all mistakes that must be scattered eveeeeryyywhereee. 
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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hidup Bermasyarakat pun Diatur Pemerintah

Baru aja kemarin berita ini lewat-lewat di Twitter. 

Mayan rame lah di timlin, meskipun nggak serame isu-isu komunich apalah itu gw nggak ngerti. Iya, emang gw nggak ngerti, tanyalah gw beda komunis, sosialis, liberalis, etc. Makanya gw suka mempertanyakan itu ukhti-ukhti yang dirahmati Allah SWT, yang pada pegang spanduk kembali ke khilafah, hati-hati komunis, ateis, dsb...ngerti nggak ya mereka sebenernya???? :)))

Eniwei, balik lagi ke rapor indeks kemasyarakatan, gw nggak tahu ya itu nanti mekanismenya bakal kayak apa, ngasih nilainya dalam bentuk apa, parameter penilainnya gimana, gw nggak ngarti, tapi gw merasa terganggu aja dari poin malas gotong royong, malas rapat RT, malas kerja bakti, dan jarang bergaul. Apose banget gituh. Misalnya ya, malas rapat RT. Emang semua warga musti aktif ikut rapat RT? Markas RT-nya aja paling seiprit segede upil, yaudahlah pasti udah ada perwakilan juga, ribet amat semua musti ada di rapat RT. Nanti bahas persoalan remeh-temeh nggak penting jadinya panjang nggak kelar-kelar kebanyakan orang. Ini gw ngomong apa sik sebenernya?

Dan pas baca twit di atas, jujur aja gw....tersinggung. Tapi nggak berani bales/mensyen sama RK, takut nanti diquote sama dese (ge-er banget gw!!) terus nanti fans garis kerasnya dia ngebuli gw (ge-er banget gw!!). Ih males banget. Aku kan orangnya cemen dan tidak bermental baja seperti idolaku Syahrini yang merupakan #WanitaManjaTiadaAdaWaktuMikirinYangTakAdaFaedahApalagMikirinOrangLain, gw sih lebih baik menghindari hal-hal sedemikian. Conflict aversion banget nggak tuh gw? Pret ah. 

Kenapa coba tersinggung? Soalnya gw sadar betul gw bukan orang yang aktif bersosialisasi/bermasyarakat (di lingkungan rumah), tapi gw tidak pernah, sekali lagi, TIDAK PERNAH mengaggap hidup aktif bertetangga itu tidak penting dan rese. Sesederhana, gw bukan tipe orang kayak gitu dan gw nggak akan pernah bisa dipaksa untuk jadi orang yang seperti itu. Twitnya dese jadi terkesan nuduh bahwa orang yang nggak aktif bermasyarakat/individualis pasti melihat kehidupan aktif bermasyarakat itu nggak penting. Bok, gw tau betapa pentingnya koneksi sosial, nggak perlulah ilmu setinggi langit atau mengeluarkan multiple results of many experiments in social connection untuk sadar hal ini, tapi ngapah sih sampai perlu diatur oleh pemerintah? Dan sejauh apa kebutuhan sosial dari tiap individu itu bisa beda #IntrovertMode:OnFire.

Hal lain yang bikin kesel adalah soal nilai hidup individualis. Kok kesannya punya nilai hidup yang individualis jadinya negatif ya? Mo individualism kek apa collectivism kek, kenapa nggak diliat sebagai spektrum yang netral aja sik. Dua-duanya nggak akan bagus kalau dipraktekkan secara berlebihan. Kayak misalnya di Asia iya emang nilai collectivism-nya lebih kental, tapi emang ada yang salah dengan individualism? Lah, gw rasa, justru  gara-gara kultur collectivism yang terlalu kental, makanya keluar istilah sticky rice, iya nggak? Di mata orang barat, orang Asia pada umumnya tuh udah kayak sticky rice, punya kecenderungan maunya bareng-bareng nempel satu sama lain dan lebih parahnya cenderung cuma  mau sama yang berasal dari negara yang sama. Apa coba ini akarnya kalua bukan collectivism berlebihan *ini gw ngomong apa sih sotoy berat. tolong yang punya teori-teori sosiologi/pskologi/antropologi gw diluruskan supaya tidak meracau ngasal*


Pokoknya aku tercinggung. Karena gw sadar pentingnya koneksi sosial tapi gw juga sadar kebutuhan tiap orang akan hal ini bisa beda-beda. Kalau tujuan utamanya memerangi narkobus atau terorisme, kenapa harus sampai sejauh itu dibikin rapor segala sih? Lalu katanya kalau rapor merah ya nggak ada sanksi, tapi pelayanan RT/RW akan mendauhlukan mereka yang rajin bermasyarakat. Kok cedih ya, ibarat emang hidupnya beneran sibuk dan udah habis di kantor dan kegiatan lain terus jadi ga rajin bermasyarakat terus walhasil ga bisa dapat pelayan RT/RW yang paripurna, kan ga adil juga.

Terus kalau ada rapor/penilaian, biasanya fokus bergeser, bukan lagi demi program pengawasan berjenjang untuk memerangi narkobus dan terorisme, yang ada demi mengejar nilai rapor yang biru. Mungkin banget tetep kecolongan di segi narkobus dan terorisme. 

Terus gini, pernah liat telenovela nggak? Apalah Maria Mercedes kek, Marimar kek, Maria Cinta yang Hilang kek, Marisol kek, apalah pokoknya, merhatiin nggak mereka biasanya tinggal di lingkungan yang kayak apa? Satu yang pasti, hampir semua tetangganya tukang gosip. Kenapa hampir semua? Karena biasanya ada satu tetangga yang baik hati bak ibu peri, kasi masakan atau minjemin duit saat tokoh utama sedang kere-kerenya. Ya emang sih namanya juga telenovela, lebay. Cuma ibaratnya lo nggak nyaman bersosialisasi dengan kebanyakan orang di lingkungan rumah karena pada akhirnya lebih banyak bergunjing dan tiada ada faedahnya, ya ngapain juga? 

Gw jadi inget jaman kuliah dulu, biasalah argumen antara pentingnya/nggak pentingnya jadi anggota himpunan (dulu rasanya hal ini krusial banget pas masih mahasiswa, sekarang kalau nengok ke belakang? dih! kayak nggak ada concern yang lebih penting aja :P). Gw inget ada senior,  tapi gw lupa siapa orangnya, pokoknya di saat kebanyakan orang koar-koar betapa pentingnya berhimpunan, dia dengan wolesnya bilang, 'Poin pentingnya bukan soal berhimpunan atau tidkanya seseorang, tapi punya wadah/tempat nggak orang itu.  Kalau dia milih tempat lain, misal unit atau kegiatan di luar kampus, ya nggak apa-apa.' *tepuk tangan berdiri* Jadi ya selama dia punya 'wadah' yang bikin dia nyaman ya biarkanlah, nggak musti pol-polan dan jor-joran juga di lingkungan rumahnya.


Intinya, gw (dan pasti banyak orang lainnya) sadar pentingnya koneksi sosial dan pengawasan berjenjang soal narkobus dan terorisme, tapi gw nggak suka kalau sampai harus pemerintah masuk-masuk dan ngatur gimana seharusnya individu hidup bermasyarakat. Terlebih sampai diraporkan dan diberi penilaian oleh masyarakat lainnya. Masyarakat nggak diminta kasih penilaian soal orang lain aja polisi moral udah di mana-mana, ngok.   

p.s. video bagus di TED tentang koneksi sosial.

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