Friday, 21 May 2010

heyhoooo filipino

as said before,,,i like Christian Bautista a lot!!!!I like him more and more because *lately* he sang a lot of old songs, for instance you, beutiful girl, blue eyes blue, if ever you're in my arms again, fixing a broken heart and so on!!!!

from all the songs above *i dont know why* i like YOU (Basil Valdez) and BEAUTIFUL GIRL (Jose Marie Chan) the most!!!!

then i found a fact that the original singer from those songs are filipino!!!!
*as usual* i like making my own-shallow-analysis,,i think that Christian Bautista sings the old songs perfectly if the original singers come from the same country with him *heyhooo filipino*

Basil Valdez

Jose Marie Chan

Christian Bautista *i got my nose bleeding*

*dammit i envy a lot the model of beautiful girl's video clip,,,she's a damn lucky girl,,,huahahahahahaha*

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