Saturday, 1 May 2010


there is UN in a mountain,,this is only my interpretation between mountain and United Nations :D

somedays ago, i heard about the eruption of *let me see first* Eyjafallajokull mountain,,,and it reminded me of my history lesson when i was a fifth grader!!!!!yes!!!am talking about one of United Nations's Secretary-General. I actually don't know why, but i memorized his name very well *see???am so into history,,fyi i ever thought about enrolled a history major or archeology *

he is Dag Hammarskjold!!!!the second secretary-general of UN,,hihihihihii

he came from Sweden and the mountain is in Iceland!!!!actually no connection at all,,i just think that his name as difficult as the mountain's name :D :D

just see the pictures :P *am sure you can distinguish between the mountain and the Secretary-general :P*

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