Tuesday, 25 May 2010

my first 3D movie

don't laugh!!!!!it's a command!!!!

i had my fisrt 3D movie on Sunday when I watched Shrek in Teraskota Tangerang,,it's all because of my brother who asked us (me, abi, ibu, mba liva, and bapak -but Bapak refused it-) to watch this movie

the movie seemed to be so real if we watched the 3D version,,but unfortunately the 3D movies always cost expensive!!*ya iyalah,,menurut loooooo*

and i had a great weekend, although i could't join my besties in inul vista *hopefully one day ,,in a full team of course :))*

and the poin plus was .......

I trained my driving skill,,yesssss!!!
bsd city is the perfect place to improve your driving skill *although i only made a little improvement :P*

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