Saturday, 19 June 2010

Nate Berkus


You guys must be familiar with this guy!!!Yes, he is Nate Berkus, Oprah's designer.
I like him very much, this guy is terrific!!!!! He shows us the great result of every makeover, not only a high-budget-makeover, but also the low-budget-one!

I just watched one of Oprah's shows which showed us the result of swapped-makeover. This makeover was conducted by 4 families in a neighbourhood. Every family released some of their stuffs to be swapped to another family. Nate's duty was decorating one room of every family with the swappped-stuffs. He was given the limited budget to shop in Target in order to complete the decoration. And , as we expected, the result was awesome!!!!

That was one of Nate's makeover for Oprah show, but there won't be any makeover by him since he has decided to start making his own talkshow (The Nate Berkus Show) after eight years in Oprah show. You can find the information here.

I just like this guy a lot, he works with his mind, body, and soul.

Love his creation so much!!


  1. aku jg sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

    sama yg tukang rapih2 teh saha?
    yg gndud kacamata??
    kaporit akuuuu :D

  2. iyaaaaaa,,yang gendut kacamata,,yang hobinya nyortirin barang-barang buang-jual-donasi

    oke berat :))