Sunday, 20 June 2010


it's just random thought about this WC...

1. I just realized that David Beckham is super handsome!!!I watched the game of England vs Algeria and Beckham was sitting outside the field with the formal outfit!!!! and he's damn handsome!!!!

2. I think that Algeria's outfit looks so tight. It can be the happen because of the outfit or the player's muscles.

3. The England's goalkeeper reminds me of Snoop Dog!!I don't know why, but they look the same :P

4. I caught the same expression of football player after they did some violation. Hands-up with innocent face. Almost all players!!!

5. I read vincent's timeline and found the information that Giovanni Van Bronkhorst's mother is a Mollucan!!!!Ambon manise kaka!!!

6. There is 'Van' in almost all Holland-players.

7. The referees of some matches are so 'generous'. They spread the cards (both yellow and red) to the players!!


  1. my comment in every point:
    1. telattttt... :p
    2. Algeria atau aljazair??? beda negara noh...
    3. kekeke... ketawa doang yg ini mah...
    4. because they speak different language, so they use universal expression as replacement :p
    5. beneran nih?
    6. itu kayaknya sama kayak 'bin' atau 'binti' kalo di islam ya?
    7. maybe they got confuse, they thought they in a poker game :p

  2. heh,,algeria teh lain bahasa inggrisnya aljazair nya?? *baru tau*

    tapi piala dunia 2010 emang paling aneh!!!!!!sigana semua tim badag geus di voodoo, ceuk afsel "gapapa kita nggak juara, yang penting tim2 besar udah kita voodoo-in semua"

  3. wakakakaka... parah lo...
    berarti kalo piala dunia di Indo bisa lebih parah voodoo-na... kekekkee...

    btw, bener deng, algeria teh aljazair... kekekeke... my fault :)