Tuesday, 3 August 2010

august already

Yak! Ga kerasa udah masuk Bulan Agustus, artinya sebentar lagi September lalu Oktober,,it's time to prepare everything that i need if i still want to reach all of my dreams,,bezetttt!!! Harusnya aing mulai siaga satu!!!!

but as usual, am the labile one , don't know what i want, ehm not exactly like that, i know what i want but am still confuse about the action that i have to take, the move that i have to make.

am afraid if my luck just runs out, am afraid if my previous success was coincidence, am afraid if all the paths are being blocked, am afraid, am afraid, am afraid,,,,,,,,,,,,at last am afraid being such a pessimist!!!! that's just really not me!!!

Oke, i have my own homeworks
1. collecting all the pieces of dreams
2. mapping the things that wander around my mind
3. convincing my self!!!!

At last, i have to be positive, just want to attract the positive energy from this whole universe!!!!

Happy august, happy ramadhan, hope this month will bring us joy, happiness, and success :))

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