Thursday, 12 August 2010

he's gone

kinda sad news that i heard this morning. i was sleeping when my mom called me and said that 'mbahnya udah nggak ada mba'

he's not actually my grandpa, he is brother of my (truly) grandma, that's why he becomes grandpa for me.

as a human, sometimes we think that this is just unfair, when God take somebody's soul, we just cannot let him/her go. but we have to realize, that it must be the best way for him/her, this is the only way to stop his/her pain.

honestly,I just feel sorry to myself, this is the second time when my relatives just passed away in bandung, and i just couldn't be there and even worse, i don't know how to do 'solat gaib' huhuhuhuuhuu,,stupid me!!!!

when my truly grandpa (mother's father) passed away in 2004. he was sick in bandung, and hospitalized in st.yusup. He asked my mom to bring him home, because he knew that he didn't have much time anymore, and he didn't want to die in hospital. It's a big no for him!!!
My mom took him home, and he passed away in my house, in my brother's room.
Where was I that time???? i was miles away from indonesia, in europe, i brought cultural mission, and *if am not mistaken* i was in aberdeen when he's gone.

this morning, my grandma's brother just passed away, and he lives next to my house, and again, i wasn't there in bandung. am here in cilegon.

that's life. some come, some go. there's a hello, there' s a goodbye.
that's all about time, someday it becomes our turn. are we ready for that?


  1. eh mbak.. i'm sorry to hear that ya..

    meni samaan harinya sm si gw publish note si pong..

  2. makasi ya cynnnnn,,,eniwei maap ya atas kesombrongan ekeu,,,komp.nya bu to the suk :P

    salam merah-putih!!!!
    *bubur merah jeung bubur putih