Tuesday, 31 August 2010

when in rome+angels and demons

somedays ago, i got my movie parade :), two of those movies are when in rome + angels and demons. two opposite kind of movies, but i like them both. basically i like comedy romantic so much (these movies are my favorite :you've got mail, notting hill, love actually, jerry maguire ), but i never refuse watching any kind of movies, as long as i watch the good one, i don't care about the genre.

what i like about these movies (beside the storyline) is the setting. i love italy so much, i adore that place to the max, that's why i fell for these movies. ok, i know that angels and demons shows us vatican, not italy, but can you see the architecture?? for me, vatican ressembles rome*i don't understand about architecture actually :P*

*i tried so hard to find the pictures that show the beauty of rome and vatican from those movies, but i just couldn't find them*


if i have a chance, i will throw a coin into that fountain or maybe take a coin from that fountain so i can prove the work of all the spell.


a guy with a blonde hair is funny, i remember that he was bribed by langdon with a pack of cigarette. the man in the middle is my favorite, but unfortnately, he died before the end of the movie ;p

and finally,, i fell for mr.langdon. smart guy is adorable,,,hakkakakakakkakakakkak


  1. ati2 ceu kalo mu ambil koin..bisi si elu dpt seorang pesulap gemblung kaya di pelm-nya..hakhakhak *aing ga tahan tiap si pesulapnya mengkekmeneli*

  2. gafafalah dapet fesulaf,,daripada dapet pelukis!!!bisa2 mural disekitaran siliwangi berubah jadi gambar aing teu dibaju,,,hakakakakakka