Friday, 17 September 2010

the twelve people you'll meet on twitter

I got this funny stuff from here. You guys should check this one out, then you'll realize in which group you belong to.

To be honest, i belong to some of groups, here they are:
1.the person who must always share what they're eating
2.the ones who insist on tweeting conversation better suited for instant messaging or a phone call
3.the person who tweets to inanimate objects

Eniwei, i feel like i prefer sharing something through blogger to tumblr. It can be caused by lacking ability of mine when i use tumblr, because blogger just way more simpler than tumblr (own opinion) or by bad internet connection that i have, as i know, operating tumblr needs a better internet connection than operating blogger. So, should i quit from tumblring??I'll consider it :)!!

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