Tuesday, 19 October 2010



nothing else but boredom. ok, this is the real situation. i arrived here yesterday afternoon and just got the news that my friend couldn't come here because of muntaber *should i give him a sympathy?! oh God, just please forgive me* and he said that today he's gonna be here *i don't know whether is right or wrong, who cares?!*. my boss, *i call him 'boss' because we both in the same major and i'm his assistance* said he couldn't come too because there's a bussiness in Jakarta, oh well. at last, my team leader was absent too. he promised us to come here regularly every monday and tuesday. two days only because he has a lot of projects out there. and all of sudden he was absent with no reason and let me made my own conclusion. and i came up with my own opinion, he was absent because his assistant got muntaber, and this is just so great. . once again, this is my own conclusion, since he left no message, this is my right to make my own conclusion. as a result, there're only two of us here, woder what to do, look like a stupid, curse him so much!!

some minutes ago, i checked 21.cineplex.com, and guess what i got for the now-playing movie here?
i don't even want to go to the theater.
am cursing you people, for making me wait and get older without doing nothing!!!!

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