Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Facebook Account

Oke, this is my own opinion: facebook should be fun. Fun and informative.

People have their own right of their facebook account. They can put an information as much as they can, upload photos as many as they can, make friends as many as they can, change their status every five minutes, remove some friends, hide some status, delete some comments, block another user, and so on. Just like them, i also have my right. I did so many things to manage my facebook. Since it is a social network, i didn't put any private information, no cellphone number or address, i only put my email address as the contact information, moreover, another user can send me a message to contact me.

Lately, i became a lil bit brutal. I removed, blocked, and hid the uncomfrot thing on my facebook.
This is my facebook and i do have the right to manage my facebook. So you guys are not different. You have your own right, so if you think that you need to remove, hide, or block me, just feel free to do that,,,muahahahhahahahhahahhaha

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