Saturday, 25 December 2010


wow,,,xmas is coming!!!i don't celebrate xmas because it's not my big day, but i absolutely enjoy every xmas. the atmosphere, the festive, the movie, the sale *?!*,the songs, the greeting cards, ect :) :) :)

anyway, my favorite song for the xmas is 'all i want for xmas is you', it's one of love actually's soundtracks (one of my favorite movies ;p).

one thing that i'm waiting for : i'm waiting for touching the snow in the xmas time, since there's no snow here in indonesia :D.


  1. Siapa bilang ngga ada salju di indonesia???
    Sini lo ke jaya wijaya!!

  2. asatago!!!!!no way don!!!!!lu oleh2in gw salju dari jayawijaya dong,,,pake cool box yang biasa lu pake sampling itu lho don ;p