Friday, 28 January 2011

dynamic duo: laptop+modem=happy!!

am quite happy right now!!my modem and laptop are pretty back to normal!!!!yihaaa!!it only took some minutes to recover my laptop!!this was the way he recovered my laptop: control panel-> backup and restore!!!so simple!*and am just too stoopid*

nom am still in cibulan, somewhere in bogor if am not mistaken, finishing a project. i tought that only a college students who spend their last minute to finish their assignment, but it happens to us, to the consultants *not to us actually, but to them, am here as an 'antek-antek' to help them ;p*

i'll be back to jkt in sunday, and go back to bogor for a kind of dissemination in mon(ey)day, silly.

actually, this is a trial edition using the reborn modem+laptop!!!!muahahahahhahahah *kamfunggg*

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