Thursday, 17 March 2011

i just found...

this piece of paper :

*click to enlarge the lips pic , oh it’s hugh grant’s lips, I got it from cosmogirl magz ;p

I actually wrote my dream programs twice, in my notes and loose leaf, but both had the similarity: I put Environmental Engineering as my no.1 priority!!it was highlighted!!

did i want Env. Engineering program that bad?!
heaven knows that i wanted to be an archaeologist!!!!hakakakakak


  1. dan si clurit itu slalu ada dari jaman dulu kala jamannya bucat masih eksiswati ceu..heueuhueueue

  2. hah???si gw ga inget pernah menorehkan gambar clurit di bucat *yang fenomenal* itu ;p

  3. lahh icon si elu kan genjer dan clurit cyiiin