Monday, 10 October 2011


i hate the latest facebook interface!!i mean, I HATE IT!!!i feel like i have no privacy with that, i don't really care what people do with their facebook , i don't need the real-time-information (something resembles twitter's timeline) about people do on facebook (something on the upper-right of the facebook interface). ya, i sometimes do look at someone's page, but it's because i want to, it's not because the upper-right-thingy attracts me.then, there's another little something that bothered me, that's all about privacy setting, i want to change my privacy setting in order to prevent someone from doing something, but privacy setting doesn't support it, it's also changed!!!!sucks!!!!!

so where is the thing that called privacy?!?!?!?!?!maybe deactivate the account for awhile might be the best option, so all the people that come from the middle of nowhere couldn't do that thing anymore!!

ok, i just deactivated my facebook account, let's see how long it will be,,,,


  1. iya ih pesbug skr sinting..jd susah diatur..persis kaya abg jaman skr..prett

  2. iya tjeu memang,,jadi kalo abg jaman sekarang=fesbuk,,abg jaman kita=friendster?!

    tetep kampina...