Tuesday, 22 November 2011


are you still sane or not? you know you start losing your sanity (as a student) once you do (some of) these things:

1. you should pay your attention to your teacher's explanation, but in fact you...

draw a picture?!?!it wont'be asked in the exam, stoopit!!

2. you lose your concentration and your nose start bleeding most of time because your teacher is damn handsome

3. you use your left hand (if you're a right handed person and the other way around) to make a note

for what, huh?!

3. instead of studying, you start typing the name of your handsome teacher on google, youtube and facebook

4. instead of studying, you start taking some stoopit, silly pictures..

5. you start disturbing your handsome neighbour by singing all night long via youtube..


oh God, please keep my insanity!!

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