Sunday, 19 October 2014

music helps

Yes, indeed. Music helps me to stay calm and carry on, or at least, pretend to be calm. These are some of my friends -aside from daydreaming- when I feel so low:

1. Let it be - Beatles

*peluk salim tangan om Paul*

2. Carry on - Fun

3. Fix you - Coldplay (oyeah of course)

*tisu mana tisu*

4. Reach - Gloria Estefan

5. The power of the dreams - Celine Dion

6.  Happy - Pharell Williams

7. Heart of life -John Mayer

Oke, segitu aja dulu biar jumlahnya tujuh.

Those musicians probably just want to sing/make good music without even realizing how many souls have been saved.

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