Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Here comes the moment I hate most in my life. It happens whenever I do nothing and my mind starts wandering and (over)thinking. I wish I thought about humanity or whatever useful solution to fight hunger or poverty, but hell no, I start thinking about future and uncertainties (as always. I repeat: as always).  

I know it's useless and stupid since everybody knows nothing about future and has to deal also with uncertainties. Moreover, it only refrains me from enjoying the moment. I try to convince myself that's nothing to worry about and tell my mind to stop (over)thinking about any useless-nonsense-matter. Sadly, the more I tell myself to stop, the more I (over)think about it.



The worst part is when my mind is fully occupied and I have no idea what to do and how to channel out everything. In that very moment I will start eating. 

Ok, let me grab my banana now. Bye!

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