Sunday, 20 December 2015


When in doubt, bake! -Plato-

Have you heard about that? What? Never heard?! Ok, you're good, I of course made it up.

It's just another Sunday until I decided to bake. Why? Because why not. Ok, so I wanted to bake something easy with simple ingredients whom I can find everything I need in my own kitchen. Then I chose pretzel. Pretzel or brezel in Germany, or whatever you may want to call. Besides the simple ingredients, I was just curious because I tried to bake it once and the result was next to nothing. Ok, it's not that bad, still edible, but the the dough was brittle , not flexible, and the shape was just...meh. 

I tried to google many different recipes and I finally found this one. It seemed suit me well. I know it's in Germany, but seriously, you need no knowledge about German language to follow it, why? because there's google translate...hahahahahaha. Nope, seriously not, you can definitely guess the ingredients then see the picture for the baking instruction. I decided to use this one because it's a small batch recipe. I ain't gonna bake a lot because I only want to feed myself not a throng of people who attend Octoberfest. 

Ok, here's the recipe:

250 gram flour 
1/2 cubes (fresh) yeast 
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
150 ml soy milk
20 gr margarine (vegan)
3 tbs baking soda 
coarse salt

How much is 0,5 cubes (fresh) yeast? Good, same question here. Btw, i have no idea what fresh yeast is, and just too lazy to google it. Anyway, I found out that 1 cubes of fresh yeast is about 40 gram and it's equal with 16 gram of dry yeast. Meaning, if we need 20 grams of fresh yeast we'll need 8 gram of dry yeast which equals with 2.5 tsp. Yea, I ended up using 2.5 tsp of instant yeast. Wahtev.  

It turned out to be a very nice recipe. The dough was not brittle, pretty much durable but still flexible *what?! I just said durable? it sounds weird when one talks about dough. Nevermind* I did some modification such as replacing soya milk with milk, then  margarine with unsalted butter. As I said before, I used whatever I had in my kitchen. Ah, and I also modified the shape of my pretzel, why? Because why not.

Oh, hello pretty thing!
I don't know what happened last time, was it me or the recipe I used, but dough was so brittle. I failed miserably whenever I tried to make a coil shape.

Some of them are ready for bathing session in the baking soda solution.

Ok, the original recipe suggests to divide the dough into 5, but instead of 5 I divided into 8. Why? Because why not the more the merrier, hahahahahaha and I still got decent form/texture of pretzel.  

Soooo pretty!!! Seems like the dough having a good time sunbathing and now they get tanned perfectly.

Here's the thing, if you like baking but you know you're crap (like me) don't forget to type 'easy' whenever you use your search engine. Oh, and just in case you want to know how my old pretzel looked like, here it is:

M-E-H. MEH!!
 Ok, now let me enjoy my pretzel. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

p.s. tomorrow is Monday, brace yourself!! 

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