Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Well, I guess you are nobody until you either write a flashback about 2015 or about your plan in 2016. 


My 2015 was quite intense at the beginning, especially when I had to decide whether I would accept the job offer here in Sg or became Gov. Employee (just like what my parents always wanted, like ALWAYS. ZZzzZZzzz.). Ok, just fyi, at some points, most parents here in my country want their daughter to be a Gov. Employee. Talking about the time flexibility you have if you are a gov. employee. Parents will start argue like, 'You are a woman, you're going to be a mother anyway. No need to get busy lah with your career. If you work with the gov., you will have quite a lot of time to take care of your family, you're pretty much relax in the office, you can come and play candy crush every day and still get a promotion each in every 4 years.' 

Ok, forget about that. After a long consideration, consultation and asking a fortune teller, I finally flipped coin to decide my fate. Wow, really??? Of course....not!

Short story shorter, I moved to Sg and start everything over. Adaptation and everything, not sure if it's going to be the right thing or not. One of the reason why I ended up here is simply because I still want to grow. I did not say you can't grow if you are in the gov, but yeah, I just don't think I could deal with all the bureaucratic matter or see something against my moral occurs in front of my eyes without able to do anything.

In 2015 I was also able to push myself back (a little bit) into my reading habit. I think I almost stopped reading book when the social media became a hit. My favorite activity is scrolling Twitter timeline and it goes like: scrolling-judging people inside my head-scrolling-judging, repeat. Apparently, there are many good books out there and I'm so thankful that I still have a resource to access whatever book I want.  By the way, I really like Malcolm Gladwell, so if in any weird circumstances Mr. Gladwell read this, I just want to say: I adore you a lot and oh, let's take a selfie so I can post it on my Instagram!!

So, how about my plan in 2016??? I don't know. I don't remember  if I ever made any resolutions this whole time. The best message of course comes from 9gag, it says: new year, same old shit, just one year closer to die. So precise :))) !!!

Then I found an article on Buzzfeed about what resolutions you can always do in 2016. In my opinion that list is general things to do to be a better you, still nice indeed. I really need to do number 8!! SAY NO WHENEVER I NEED AND PLEASE STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ME JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE ODD OF ME SAYING NO IS SO LOW!!!

Number 5 and 15 are also interested. Talking about doing something new every month,  I always wanted to have a personal project each of every month, just whatever nice thing that I can do. Either doing it for myself or for other. I started a small thing on last December. Out of the blue, I just want to send Xmas card to my favorite people and also whoever random people I knew in Europe. The thing is, many people I came across in Europe are connected through facebook and I don't know their address. And it's not fun at all if I send them message just to ask them their address so I can send a card. Thus, the only thing I could do was just sending card to people whom 1) i already knew their address 2) i can find their address (mostly their office address) through google.  The card was sort of DIY and it's far from perfect since I am so crap in crafting.

It's just feel so good. I sent it to my friends, corridor mate in my previous student housing, study adviser, internship place, and some of my trainers from the summer course I participated. Some of them may think, 'Who's this person sending me the Xmas card? I don't feel I know her.'  :))).

Now I am thinking about my January personal project.

Last, I wish that 2016 will be exciting and bring so many surprises (in a good way) for all of us. Cheers!!


  1. huaaa.. beningg.. kamu mulia sekali.. :) semoga berhasil yaaa..
    saya pisan tahh. jadi gov.employee tpi ga main candy crush sih.. cuma emang kurang develop.. hihihi
    tp klo ditanya saya mau jadi apaa,, masi misteri jg buat saya mah.. hehehe

    1. Hahahahaha, ah ga mulia juga lah Dhy, apeulah namanya juga tulisan dunia maya, loba pencitraan, supaya keliatan ideal tea ningan. Saya juga ga tau mau jadi apa, paling ga bisa jawab kalau ditanya itu :)))

  2. ka bening, saya selalu ngikutin blog kaka. it makes me suprised but inspired. awalnya saya termasuk gak pernah buat resolusi tapi ternyata setelah baca ini dan buka link buzfeed. terinspirasi buat resolusi. gak harus yang besar tapi perubahan kecil yang bermakna. makasih ya ka. wish you a great year ahead ka.

    1. Saya juga selama ini ga pernah bikin resolusi, soalnya kok rasanya kayak cuma hype nya taun baru, kalau mau mulai sesuatu kan bisa kapan aja. Etapi kalau dipikir-pikir, ya nggak ada salahnya juga sih, apalagi kalau bisa bikin jadi lebih baik.

      Wish you a wonderful year too!! :D