Saturday, 27 February 2016

Stereotyping with Google

When I have so much time in hand plus good internet connection, I end up googling any nonsense unimportant stuff. Just like one day I typed 'why [insert nationality]' just to see what's google suggestion on it. As far as I know, the suggestions are based on what others people search the most. Question remained, whether the suggestions are from google result worldwide or only in national level here in Singapore. But, anyway, the result is still hilarious and entertaining at some points. Let's start from my beloved country, Indonesia.

Why Indonesian so stupid.
No comment.

Why Vietnamese name Nguyen. Ohhhh I know this. I believe that Nguyen is one of the most popular family name in Vietnam. I have several friends named Nguyen as well. I sometimes imagine a football match where the Vietnamese use only family name and some Nguyen are in the team. The commentator be like, 'Ok, Nguyen passes to Nguyen and now Nguyen runs fast. Some opponents block him, here comes Nguyen passes the ball to Nguyen. Now Nguyen is in penalty area...blablabla.' That's epic.

Why Vietnamese hate China. Why? Dunno.

Why Chinese executives keep disappearing. Hmmm, where are you?

Why Chinese hate Malay. Why oh why? What do Malay have done to you???


Why Malaysian hate Singaporeans. It sounds appropriate, does not it?
Ok, kidding :)))


Why Singaporeans are rude. Sounds appropriate, rite? To be honest, generically speaking, I concur that point. I experienced few of it and some of my friends feel it as well. But nothing beat my my first experience, it was only my third day here when a lady approached me and started complaining about things. She spoke Singlish very fast and I could not fully understand what she said, thus I said sorry for several times. Then she stopped, looked at me sharply in the eyes and said, ' Why you say sorry a lot? are you deaf? Just take it off *pointing my headscarf* so you can here me.' Hooray!!  Singaporean hospitality, welcome!!! *shake hand*  

Why Singaporean hate Pinoy. Yes,why? What Pinoy did wrong to you?


 Why Indian smell. Why Indian stinks. No comment :))).

Why American education fails. Why American education is bad. Maybe you could find some of the answers in this book.

Menschen sagen, dass Deutsch ist einfach. WHO SAY THAT?! 


Why Swiss watches are so expensive. Yes, tell me why??!?!

I am quite surprise that the question about the holes in Swiss cheese is not topping the list.

Why Japanese people why. ?!?!

Why Japanese use Chinese character.
Free advice? Never skip class and pay attention to your teacher.


Why Korean are rude. I cannot say about this, but you know, people keep comparing Japan and Korea. They say if you already experience Japanese hospitality, yes, you can really say how rude Korean is, completely different. 

Why Korean use Chinese character. Oh, human.

Ok, about scam, No surprise. 

Why Swedish House Mafia split. Oh really? I just knew it.

Why Swedish hate Danish. Why?

Why Danish hate Swedish. Thank God, they (seem to) hate each other. Good news, it's not such an unrequited hate :').


Some deduction can be made based on those results:
1. It seems that Vietnamese hate China, then Chinese hate Malay, then Malaysians hate Singaporeans, then Singaporeans hate Pinoy. Hatred chain at its best. :)))
2. Swedish and Danish (seem to) hate each other.
3. People think that Korean and Japanese use Chinese character. Why people?!?! Why?!?!

See, it's fun to see what most people search about particular nationality on Google. Now your turn, go find fun stuff on Google!! :)))


  1. Yang "Why Japanese people why" itu kalo ga salah catchphrase salah satu komedian Jepang yang turunan orang Amerika.

    Ga ada yah yang nanya "Why Indian put Masala in everything"

    1. Pantesan itu muncul di suggestion paling awal meski ga jelas maksute opo.

      Ga ada yang nanya Masala, karena definisi Masala masih menjadi masalah. Sebenernya, Masala itu yang gimana sihhh???

  2. jadi nyasar kesini Ning gw -->

    1. ngeri bos. lazy, stupid, ugly, racist, arrogant, corrupt dll, dll. jelek kabehhh warbiyasak!!!