Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Tired of Twitter

I can't believe myself, but now I am at the state where I feel tired of Twitter. Yes, I do. Maybe it's just me who feel that Twitter is not as fun as it used to be. I've started tweeting since 2009, back then everything was so simple and fun, plus, nobody took things overly serious.

I found that following people and limited characters on Twitter were brilliant concept. Following system makes the users feel free to choose things they want to see on their timeline. And it's nothing like facebook, a socmed where you have to bear with whatever things that popping-up on your timeline. Remember, it was just 2009, no hide/unfollow feature on Fb, the only way to get rid of it by unfriend them. After you unfriend, problem is getting serious in real life once those people realize that you ditch them from your friendlist. Meh. Limited character also makes you more creative in speaking your mind by simplify things. Timeline looked fine and neat, moreover, kultwit (giving a 'lecture' on Twitter) was not popular at all back then. Twitwar (fighting/arguing via Twitter) was like a Sumatran tiger, a very rare species. I loved my timeline; it was fun, informative, full of nonsense yet entertaining stuff, and of course peaceful.

But now, everything changes. Most of time I feel that people competing on Twitter, dunno for what, maybe for fame, popularity, number of followers, feeding their ego, or simply for fun. I don't know how are they in real life, so I sometimes let my negativity slips in by thinking that they behaving like that on Twitter because they have no 'stage' in real life, they need some acknowledgement, they want to feed their ego. 

Now, I could find some users give kultwit not to share, but simply to boast how smart and capable they are in particular area. When one asks a question regarding the topic of that kultwit, they sometime use 'Quote Tweet'-feature not because they want to let others know that there's a discussion going on, but they want to show how stupid people can be by asking a basic-simple question. You can tell by the way they answer it: cynical, humiliating, ngenyek, you name it lah. Why expect ALL people to understand basic stuff if they don't work closely in that area? Ask me about inflation and it will take quite a while to recall thing I learned in high school and I probably give you wrong answer. 

Now, I could find so many experts on Twitter. Some are real expert and the rest are self-proclaimed experts where I have no idea who is what. Many of them disdain against each other saying that you are nothing more than expert abal-abal, you never earned your degree from institution X, even your basic knowledge about quantum physic is very poor, you should be ashamed of yourself, etc, etc. 

Now, I could not pass a day without finding hate-Tweet on my timeline. There's always somebody retweeting something negative and insulting. 

Now, I could find so many quarrel and confrontation over nonsense things on Twitter. They could just settle the argument and ignore it, but no, they keep arguing just to show how strong and how right they are. Twitwar is very common nowadays, there's almost no day passes without it. Gosh...  

Now, most of portal news have Twitter account. Good thing is that you will always be up-to-date about what's going on around the globe, but the bad thing is most of the news I get about my country is the negative one. It consumes me and I feel so tired about it. Many times I am thinking about how can I abandon this nationality fast and easily or could I simply move to Mars and start living side by side with alien?  Furthermore, some people are really reactive and throwing completely inappropriate comment which makes me feel completely drain.

Now, I could find never ending discussion about religion in Indonesia. Thing I never found at the early time of Twitter. I thought that religion is something personal and you'd better keep it by yourself. Practicing what you believe, respecting others, and spread kindness.

Now, I could find how celebtwit (celebrity on twitter who has so many followers) use their power only to humiliate some people who have different stance over particular issue. Some celebtwit  preach about humanity, tolerance, respecting difference; but once somebody throw an opposite opinion, they simply could not accept it. The final move by them is using  'Quote Tweet' feature and let their followers know about it. Loyal followers will defend their celebtwit and start attacking a person who has different opinion. How damaging cyber bullying can be? You have no place to hide. You get bullied in school, you run home and feel safe, but it's not the case on the internet.

There are still bunch of reasons why I feel  tired of Twitter and think that it is not as fun as it used to be. But some examples mentioned above are more than enough to give you the ideas about what feel about twitter. 

Some may want to say that I can simply unfollow some people, but no it's not about it. I don't follow too many accounts and people whom I follow don't change drastically since the first time I used Twitter. But there is a change I could not explain that makes everything difference. Maybe how people behave toward some issue are just shifting, I don't know. Maybe the nuance of media in spreading the news changes and directing people to react in certain way, I don't know. Or maybe it's me who changes that much and see things completely different. But, one thing I know, my poor brain just could not cope with it at the moment. Keep watching Syahrini's video on instagram is a better option, it even gives me a peace of mind.

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