Thursday, 19 May 2016

[Challenge] Embracing My Next-to-Nothing English Writing Skill

I am fully aware that my English writing skill is just like Alderaan, never exist. Don't ask me how I survived my master time when I had to deal with individual writing assignment (those involving climate change and policy, I hated it), and also report writing of my thesis and internship. The good thing about writing is no nervousness and it's possible to always delete any word whenever I need to. On the other hand, my speaking skill is not bad (at least from my point of view), but I get nervous easily. Whenever I speak with person whom I don't feel comfortable with, my confidence plummets and my mind goes blank so I completely look like a dumb. 

So, on behalf of embracing my next-to-nothing English writing skill, I just want to give a try (sort of a challenge I guess? ) to post something in English. Nothing fancy, it's just going to be a trivial-day-to-day topic, so please bury your wish if you expect me to talk about global crisis or national sovereignty. I'll make 30 post for the challenge and it won't be on day-to-day basis, just anytime when I feel like I want to. I am just hoping that I won't complete this challenge till next year *yawn*

If you happen to stumble upon my post *ohhh...poor you :))))*, go ahead criticize all mistakes that must be scattered eveeeeryyywhereee. 

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