Wednesday, 1 June 2016

[Challenge] Post 2 : Wipe or Wash?

Ok, it sound so ewwwhhh!!!! But not to exaggerate thing, this cleaning ritual after you finish your toilet business could be the first world problem for some people. I am talking about people who travel far away from their home country then find the different practice when it comes to cleaning activity after some toilet business. Let's talk about Indonesian in specific, but first, I let you watch this video because it is so accurate I wanna cryyy :)))

I know the speakers and translation are in Dutch/Indonesian, but it's pretty simple to guess what is going on. First, let me explain about what cebok is. This is the key that could bring you to the next level.

Cebok (verb, Indonesian) means the activity of cleaning your private part(s) after doing your toilet business (urinate or poo), either using (toilet) paper, water, or etc.  Since Indonesian in general using water for cebok, you can see in that video there's a plastic bottle labeled 'CEBOK' that is specifically used for 'washing' after urinate/poo.  

So, from the video, it's pretty clear that as an Indonesian, the first guy who used the toilet could not do dry-cebok method and need water to cebok. That's why he had the bottle filled with water in the toilet. This is so damn accurate because based on my personal experience when I lived in The Netherlands, most of my friends had a bottle/cup/bailer/small bucket/ you name it lah, that was specifically used for cebok. They usually left it in the toilet and as an Indonesian, it did not take too long for me to realize why there's a bottle lying here in the toilet? Ow, must be cebok-bottle :))).

On the other hand, it can also be a problem for any foreigner who travels to Indonesia (or some other countries) and found that most of Indonesian toilet is not equipped with toilet paper, rather, you will find big bucket filled with water + the bailer or water sprayer (don't forget, we have so many squat-toilet, which is very rare in many other countries). This thing leaves foreigners in a confusion, they were like 'What am I supposed to do??? Ok, I have to squat, but after I finish, what's next? No toilet paper to wipe? So I use water to wash, but how can I clean my "part"? WHAT?! I have to use my hand directly to clean it??? NOOOO!!!!'

Seriously, it's not (that) horrible at all. Chill people, chill!! Yes, use the water and hand to clean your "part" directly and after finish, go wash you hand using a soap. No biggie, you'll be fine.

Now, come down to the most important part, do I have cebok-bottle? Yes, I definitely have, it's like an identity as a truly Indonesian. Next question, can use dry-cebok method? Yes I can, have no problem at all :))).

This sounds stupid, but I always believe that one's flexibility in using any cebok-method and ability to eat almost anything ( I am far from picky eater and I am very easy with food. If the food is not *super* terrible, I will just say, 'The food is good.') are two factors that make a survival in new country much better. 


  1. beniiingg,, saya masih ga bisa dry method.. semi lah pake tisu basah kalo kepepet no bottle mh :D hihihihihihi

    1. hahahaha...kurang nampol ya kalau nggak pake aer