Saturday, 14 January 2017

Thank you Michelle Obama (and becareful Jimmy Fallon)

I'm not American (obviously!!) nor I pay so much attention to the world's political situation. But admit it, 2016-2017 has been an interesting transition in American politics. Yes, I am talking about the presidential election process that resulted the now elected president. Of course, we're not going to talk about it, nobody needs bad mood in the weekend. But when Obama presidency term is officially close to an end (just wait for inauguration, rite?), there's so much going on in the internet that makes me feel so emotional (in a good way).

Once again, I'm not going into politics nor his policies that I'm sure at some levels were not always good or even made things get worse

But still, I admire him as a human being. I think he's a cool and a decent one.

First and foremost, Mr. & Mrs. Obama relationship. They're just amazingly sweet and that's how relationship goal should be. Obama always gives Michelle credits as a mother of their daughters and for taking a role to contribute as much as possible to their nation. I was weeping over his farewell speech.

Then Obama and Biden bromance shows us how friendship goal should be. It's not only about professional work, but also personal, it's beyond sweet.

And here, I just want to express how I admire Michelle. As a mother of two daughters, as mother of the nation, as a wife, as a daughter, as a woman, and as a person. She's an icon of everything. She's awesome in so many ways. And she inspires us, (not only for American, not only for woman) to aim high and be a better person. She's not always serious all the time though, she has a good sense of humor and not afraid to be silly. Just look at how she nailed the mom evolution of dance part 1 and 2 (as part of her Let's Move program) and also doing 'Ew' with Jimmy Fallon  or made an impressive Barack Obama impersonation. To conclude it, she's awesomely amazing!!!

And don't forget her simple but powerful final speech. 

This last one, is one of my favorite :')

The impact she brought can be as powerful as believing in our self that race, religion or gender does not define us, we could reach our potential and aim high. Or as simple as helping that father's daughter to eat vegetables. Sweet. 

So, after watching that video, I thought to myself why not am I doing it? Even though that there's no way that she will read it, but hey, she's an amazing person.
So, First Lady Michelle Obama, it' just so weird to thank to you because I am not even American. But I actually have a connection with your husband, a tiny little strong connection. Well maybe not me who has that connection, but my country since I am an Indonesian. So, I would like to thank to you for being such a great inspiration for us. For encourage us to aim high regardless our race, gender, religion, or family background. For always reminding us about the importance of hope, kindnesses and helping each other, hard work, and also education. Those things could really bring us places in life. As I said, I'm not American (though I want to go there one day, but wait, will I be banned from entering your country because I am a moslem? The new president once said that), but I saw how you make White House became more accessible for many people, just like the girl scout sleepover, really it could not be more awesome!  Even though your husband is not serving your country as a president anymore, I hope you won't stop. I hope that you'll continue your journey in serving your country in particular and this world in general. Last but not leas, I watched that 'Thank You Note' clip you did with Jimmy Fallon, and you know what? You're so good and you completely nailed it. You sat on the chair with the desk and facing front the camera. You're so good!!! So, while your husband was offered a job from Spotify, you should consider the role at The Tonight Show. So, for you Jimmy Fallon, you'd better be careful on this. So, once again, thank you so much!!
Now I am looking forward for any inspiration from the upcoming first lady.

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