Friday, 10 March 2017

Some Thoughts

Reading this post make me feel like I just want to write anything random that I feel/think.

  • My attention span is getting shorter and shorter. When I attend some presentation, little thing could trigger my mind to wander around and it's just damn hard to get myself back. For example, the presenter showed a quote from Stephen Hawking, first thing crossed my mind was Eddie Redmayne with the Theory of Everything. Since I watch Graham Norton show for too much, I remember one of Eddie's stories when his wife (girlfriend back then) was late on their wedding day (late to the wedding ceremony, not late pregnant). She was late for 45 minutes people there were getting anxious not sure that there'll be a wedding. On that particular interview, another guess was Bryan Cranston. I love his story about the Peter Wong guy, when he and his brother were the murder suspects of Peter Wong. Cranston also told that same story on Jimmy Fallon, and there was another appearance of Cranston on Jimmy Fallon when both of them played one of the funniest word sneak game. Talking about Jimmy Fallon, I started laughing inside my head because I recalled on how he blew a chance to date Nicole Kidman...and so on...and so on...there was too much train of thought inside my head until one point I realized and said 'STAHPPPP!!!' to myself. I tried to concentrate again, succeeded for a moment, and lost in my own thought again. Helllppp!!!
  • I always like people with cultural sensitivity and people who considerate enough to simplify their language when they happen to talk with somebody with limited ability on understanding one language. I was eavesdropping A asking B, 'How is it going?' B was confused and did not know what to say. Then A said, 'Are you enjoying yourself here? Do you like it here?' And B smiled and answered A's question.
  • How on earth Japanese people can look so young compared to their actual age? I am so jealous.
  • I' m still confused about what I'm doing with my life (you bet!) and have no clue about future plan.
  • I am not a fan of Matt Damon, I watched few of his movie and of course he's brilliant in Good will Hunting. But I have a certain appreciation after watched these two videos:

Here, he was talking about winning Oscar early on his career. That night after he won, he sat and talked to himself, 'Thank God I didn't f*ck anybody over for this.' He continues, how if you spend your entire life chasing for an Oscar and getting it when you are 80 or 90 with all your life behind you. 'If it is the whole that you have, that won't fill it.'

Graham talks about how normal Matt Damon is. He's wondering how Matt can manage to be so normal and so nice.
  • I love Graham Norton a lot, like A LOT. For me, he's brilliant. How he manages to have few guests on his couch, steer conversation nicely, and make sure each of his guest has a nice time. Imagine to have a chat with one of your guests while at the same time you also have a big-head Hollywood start on your couch. I always want to be a guest on his show which is impossible. I am delusional, I know.
  •  I don't know how to cure my chronic procrastination.
  • Some say Ed Sheeran latest album is just ok, for me it's still as good as usual. I like it.
  • Ed was off of social media (and gave up his phone?) when he was working on his album (and traveling the world), all he had just a tablet with an email. He used only email to communicate. I found it awesome but it definitely won't work for me.
  • Now I am reading The Girl with Dragon Tattoo after watching the movie (both version, Hollywood version and Swedish version, maybe I should make a review abal-abal comparing these two versions).
  • My Twitter timeline is pretty chill right now, that's not much tension about the Jakarta Governor Election. But I don't know how things will roll once we approach the second round of election day.
  • I watch a video on ZDF mediathek about fast food in Germany. If you happen to be in Germany and you decide to buy coffee from one of fast food chain, go get from Mc Donald, it is better than coffee in Subway, Nordsee, and Burger King.
That's for now.

I kinda enjoy writing this post, you don't have to come up with certain idea to write, just write whatever pops in your head.

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