Wednesday, 14 June 2017

When You Read Books Written by Swedish Author

Do expect to come across typical Swedish name. 

So, I managed to finish the third book of Millennium Trilogy, and at some points I realize that those typical Swedish names appear more and more. Since I had so much time in hand, I decided to check on them and here they are :)))

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Abrahamsson, Carlsson, Magnusson, Nilsson, Aronsson, Pettersson, Svensson, Torstensson, Toresson, Larsson, Jacobsson, Gustavsson, Karlsson, Samuelsson, Persson, Torsson, Andersson, Adolfsson, Oskarsson, Eriksson.

The Girl who played with Fire
Larsson, Persson, Mikaelsson, Axelsson, Eriksson, Nilsson, Svensson, Johansson, Magnusson, Fransson, Oskarsson, Carlsson, Hansson, Ohlsson, Mårtensson, Olofsson, Håkansson, Karlsson, Andersson, Gunnarsson, Samuelsson, Nicklasson, Viktorsson, Gustavsson, Ottoson, Gustafsson, Jansson.

The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
Jonasson, Paulsson, Svensson, Johansson, Andersson, Kaspersson, Eriksson, Nilsson, Magnusson, Rikardsson, Fransson, Karlsson, Göransson, Svantesson, Thomasson, Carlsson, Danielsson,  Mårtensson, Oskarsson, Ottosson, Josefsson, Karlsson, Olsson, Fredriksson, Torkelsson, Fransson, Adamsson, Svantesson, Faulsson, Martinsson, Hansson.

Now I start wondering, do I sound Swedish if i change my name to Bening Mayantsson?

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